mercredi 23 mai 2012

Les Modules Etranges
"Socially Awkward"
(Liberate Tute Me Ex Inferis Records)

 1. Arya
2. You. Me. Intercourse
3. Fire
4. Misanthropy
5. Trapped (Internal Autonomy cover)
6. Dweller On The Threshold
7. Sub-Woman
8. Drawkwa
9. Brother Beware
10. Time Flies
11. No One Is Safe
12. Surgery Girl
13. Doublequick
(bonus tracks)
14. Sick Tribe
15. Crimson Rabbit 
 16. Drives (feat. Crimson Muddle)

!!!SOON OUT!!!

Watch the teaser on our youtube channel :

Official release party in Paris :

Stay tuned!

Les Modules Etranges are
AZIA, Vocals, Lyrics, Music.
JENN, Instruments, Music, Programming, Backing Vocals (Surgery Girl),
JRM, Five Strings Bass, Music, Backing Vocals (Trapped)
Jean Delpech : Artwork, Sleeve Design, Pictures
Xavier Diva/Re : Mixing, Mastering, Additional Production (Oxydigi Studio)
Janis No. : Model, Figurehead
Crimson Muddle (on Drives) as
Hellebore (Vocals, Music) Annie-Dog (Harmonium) Abesada (Violin) Gilbert Mudas (drums)

Socially Awkward was composed and recorded at our Home Studio and Rehearsal Studio between June 2011 and April 2012.
Various movies and series samples (Kaboom, The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, Night Of the Living Dead, American Psycho) were used.
Trapped was written by the band Internal Autonomy, taken from the album Inquiry (1990, Recordrom Records)
There are copies left! Contact :
Their forthcoming album Ferox, to be released in 2012, features Azia on vocals.
Drives original demo written by Hellebore, arrangements by Crimson Muddle and Les Modules Etranges.
Crimson Rabbit written by Hellebore (original song Unsteady taken from the album Nocturne by Crimson Muddle, 2010, Manic Depression Records) and Grace Silk (original song White Rabbit taken from album Surrealistic Pillow, 1967, RCA Victor)
Drawkwa features a sample from Soul Beat Runna from Boymerang (1997, Regal Recordings).

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